Parking for All City Track Meet

Sprague High School is excited to host the all-city middle school track event on May 14th.  Because parking is always packed at Sprague, we have a plan to assist!  Schirle Elementary School is located near Sprague High School and has agreed to let us use their parking lot from 4pm to the completion of the [...]

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Eat Well, Live Fresh- Baja Fresh Fundraiser

Houck Parent Club has organized a tasty fundraiser at Salem Baja Fresh on May 10, 2019, ALL DAY! Houck will receive 15% of the funds earned! These funds will then be used for our 8th Grade Party this year! Please show the featured flyer at the register at the time of purchase so Houck can [...]

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Schedule for Early Release Wednesday 5/8

Below is the schedule we will be following on Wednesday, May 8th: Period - Time Period 1 - 8:10-8:35 Period 2 - 8:40-9:05 Period 3 - 9:10-9:35 Period 4 - 9:40-10:05 Period 5 - 10:10-10:35 Period 6 - 10:40-11:05 Period 7 - 11:10-11:35 6th Grade
 A Lunch Dismissal - 11:40 7th Grade
 B Lunch
 Dismissal - 11:45 8th Grade 
C Lunch
 Dismissal - 11:50

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Eighth-Grade Math Students Show Off Their Work In Design Thinking Showcase 2019

Houck Middle School eighth-grade students gave presentations at their Design Thinking Showcase today. They explained how they used math to find solutions to real problems. For example, one group of students (pictured) noticed a street without street lights in a nearby neighborhood. They used math to determine where each light should be located, and to [...]

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In4All Design Challenge Showcase

The students in Ms. Swafford's 8th grade math classes have been hard at work designing solutions to problems they have identified in our community. They will be presenting their projects on May 7th during their math classes in the media center; parents and community members are invited and welcome to join us! This project has [...]

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Houck’s Orchestra makes history!

At the annual middle school Advanced Orchestra adjudication, which features all of the middle schools [and Howard Street as well] for the Salem/Keizer schools Houck Middle School's Advanced Orchestra placed first!  Each orchestra performs a 20 minute program, and is evaluated using the state orchestra competitive criteria.  Houck's orchestra has never won the adjudication until [...]

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