Houck Volunteers

2017-02-28T07:16:32+00:00February 28th, 2017|

These students and teachers were at Houck Saturday doing good works for Mission of Hope.  They sorted 25 flats of food, dispersed 150+ food boxes to our community, and cleaned the commons for the Mission of Hope staff.  They jumped in and helped where ever there was an opening.  These students out worked the other middle school volunteers, and they made me cry I was so proud.  Steve Tipton and Grace (last name unknown, lol) let us know with the amount of work they completed it was the earliest they had ever finished the day.  Oh yeah, they cleaned the bathrooms.  If you would like to join us the next opportunity will be Saturday, April 29th.

Teacher volunteers: Molly Widing & Erik Shimizu and his kids.


Guadalupe Alvarez

Alexia Juan

Francisco Urenda

Derly Cisneros

Emma Lang

Matthew Sierra

Laleanavong Keo

Angelique Hernandez-Tuttle

Andrea DeHaro

Denise Davila

Grace Herr

Thomas Calletano

Noah Brooks

Melissa Juan

Yoselin Valdez

Paige Barker

Stephanie Hernandez

Submitted by Wendy Smith