How and When to get Your Yearbook

2018-06-04T09:25:13+00:00June 4th, 2018|

If you ordered a yearbook, they will be available for pick up on the last day of school. We will be handing them out in the library from 7:30am until school starts. After that, students may pick them up from the book keeper. Everyone who bought or participated in the fundraiser to earn one will have their name on a list.  Staff may pick up theirs anytime on the 14th from the book keeper or wait in the morning line before school. Sorry, but we don’t allow staff to pick up ahead of time.

If students will not be here on the last day of school, they can arrange for pick up/mailing home with the book keeper.

At this time, we have no extras for sale. If there are, an announcement about a raffle will be made (any such raffle will be held after morning distribution).

Please make sure to put your names in your yearbook as soon as you get it (in multiple places!). Although this doesn’t fully protect against theft, it helps. Also, we encourage you not to leave your yearbook lying around and/or let others take it.

Thank you for supporting our Houck Yearbook!!!!