Hello Houck Families,
We want to let you know that in recent days there has been an increase in the numbers of students loitering in the Commons after 8:00 a.m., resulting in safety & supervision concerns, and students being tardy to first period. In an effort to improve this issue, we enlisted the help of Tom Beckett to design the following system which we will implement after Spring Break.

The plan will be as followed
1. Students who wish to partake in late breakfast will be required to have a note from their parent/guardian OR notification about a late school bus arrival.
2. Students will need to complete information on a sign in/out sheet, which will be similar to the ‘yellow’ sign in sheets that are in classrooms.
3. Students will have five (5) minutes to eat late breakfast and MUST head directly to class after that time, or when they finish eating (whichever comes first).
4. We will track students who participate. Parent/guardians will be notified as needed to address students that arrive late on a regular basis.

Thank you, and for more information please feel free to call us at (503)399-3446.