Round Up of Recent Events

2017-04-17T12:39:09+00:00 April 17th, 2017|

Before Spring Break, we held our second annual Staff vs. Student Volleyball Game. We won’t rub in the fact that the staff won, again; here are the pictures

Our first track meet of the year was Thursday, April 13th; here are the pictures

We also had our first elimination round in Battle of the Books. We went from eight teams to three; here are the pictures. Three teams moving on are:

  • The Ones That Shall Not Be Named
    • Hailey Watson
    • Dunya Mendrin
    • Kaleb Chase
    • Julian Eldridge
    • Thomas Calletano
    • Josh Matson
  • Hakuna Matata
    • Tylynn Neal
    • Maliah Swartwout
    • Cristal Pineda
    • Bryson K
    • Sydney Goodpasture
  • The Ladies of the Books
    • Emily STenlund
    • Jennifer Plascencia
    • Emmi Marks
    • Bella Mateos
    • Lyla Ramon